Privacy Policy

This website is hosted by the company Amazon Publication Experts and the company is committed to protecting the privacy of their clients. This statement is meant to summarize the uses of the information collected by Amazon Publication Experts, during or after the visit to this website by our clients or visitors.

Data Policy Followed at Amazon Publication Experts

This data policy prescribes the kind of information collected by Amazon Publication Experts and the way the information is used to enrich the user experience and to cater better services to our clients.

The Information We Collect:

Amazon Publication Experts collects only that information that is vital for the further processing and implementation of the development process of a project. This information includes client’s name, email address, client’s project requirements details, IP address, location, and the contact number.

Use of the information collected by us:

The use of the information collected is strictly for the purpose of communication, interaction and for the better user experience of our clients based on the requirements of their projects.

Sharing of the Information Collected:

This information is shared for the purposes of the project development phases among the employees only. However, we use the information collected by us as a reference only after the written or virtual confirmation and approval by the respective client.
We never share or sell the information our clients collected by us for the project development purposes.

Management & Deletion of the information of the clients collected by us:

The information collected by us is managed by our data team with the help of our in-house secure CRM. Our clients are at their discretion to change, modify, or even delete the data with the help of our help desk.

Responses to Legal Requests & Prevention of harm:

The information collected by us is also used to verify the accounts and prevent the spam or other bad conducts to promote the integrity, safety, and security of our clients. The information collected by us is shared on the legal requests made by the law enforcement agencies or departments.

Use, operating and transfer of the data collected by us:

The use, transfer and operating of the data collected by us are strictly within the company for the purpose of the development of a project. The client’s data is never shared outside the company.

Intimation of updates or changes to our policies:

In case of any significant change or update in the policy we follow, the changes or update in the policy will be intimated by an email or through a notification on our website.

Terms and Conditions

Please visit our Terms and Conditions section establishing the use, disclaimers, and limitations of liability governing the use of our website.

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